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Noderunners Batched Transaction Coordinator for Wasabi Wallet / BTCPay

With this community batched transaction coordinator we can save on transaction cost by bundling our input and outputs in one single large transaction. A byproduct of batched transactions with same-size outputs is forward spending privacy, you can't deterministically link previous inputs with any of the same sized outputs that now have anonymity-set > 1.

Check CoinJoin round status
Check CoinJoin rounds history

Change Coordinator,
works from v2.1.0+ of Wasabi Wallet:

Simply open Wasabi Wallet, copy the magic string below and go back to Wasabi Wallet.

Check if the Coordinator URI matches
Click on Yes

Restart Wasabi Wallet after saving

Now you are ready to Batch Transactions with the Noderunners Batched Transaction Coordinator!

Simply open your wallet, receive funds you'd like to CoinJoin and press the play button to start!

🕶️ Privacy can be a side-effect of batching your transactions 🕶️

For older Wasabi Wallet versions, Change your Wasabi Wallet Config File:

Paste the line above in your config file so it looks like this:

"Network": "Main",
"MainNetBackendUri": "",
"TestNetClearnetBackendUri": "",
"MainNetCoordinatorUri": "",
"RegTestBackendUri": "http://localhost:37127/",
"UseTor": true,
"TerminateTorOnExit": false,
"DownloadNewVersion": true,

Restart Wasabi Wallet after saving

Or find Noderunners Coordinator using Kukks WasabiNostr tool and directly set it here:

These are the parameters for Batched transaction rounds of the Noderunners Coordinator:

Notice that the Fee is set to 0%, so you will only pay your fraction of the mining fee! No coordinator fee.